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New Mexico Foundation for Human Rights Projects
Past Events1

NMFHRP Hosts Third "Moving Towards Respect" Workshop Series

More than 60 New Mexico educators attended the workshops.

In October, 2004, over 60 New Mexico educators attended NMFHRP's third series of "Moving Towards Respect" (MTR) workshops.  The two, two-day workshops featured facilitator Barry van Driel, as well as Cor Suijk, president of the Contemporary Holocaust Education Foundation.  Their MTR curriculum is already widely used in New Mexico schools, though most of the people in attendance were new.  All received training in combatting prejudice, racism, hate, and bullying, using the Holocaust as a jumping-off point, and bringing it up to the present day, where it affects their students.
Renee Firestone, an Auschwitz survivor featured in Steven Spielberg's Academy Award winning documentary, The Last Days, gave stirring accounts of her experiences.  Daena Giardella presented a mini-workshop on bullying.

Holocaust rescuer Cor Suijk discusses the workshop with Auschwitz survivor Renee Firestone

For more workshop photos, click here.

Violence Impact Forum Returns in New Format

Ples and Azim appear at one of five schools in November, 2004

Azim Khamisa and Ples Felix returned to Albuquerque in November, 2004--not to address 2300 students in a single location, as they did last year, but to speak on a more personal level to assemblies of students at five different schools in the city over the course of two days.  The schools were:  East San Jose Elementary School, Sierra Alternative High School, Van Buren Middle School, Ernie Pyle Middle School, and Stronghurst Alternative High School.  Judges Tommy Jewell and John Romero from the Juvenile Court also participated in the programs.

Azim and Ples again related the event that brought them together--Ples's grandson, a gang member, killed Azim's son, who was delivering pizza.  The two brought their messages of forgiveness and making wise choices. 

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