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New Mexico Foundation for Human Rights Projects

Arthur Cohen Library

An Honored Acquisition for NMFHRP

NOTE: To see the complete contents of the NMFHRP Holocaust Teaching Trunks, please click here.

Barbara Druxman and Mique Broome of Jackson MS browse the Anne Frank trunk from the Cohen Library

 The Origin of the Arthur Cohen Library


The Arthur Cohen Library at the New Mexico Foundation for Human Rights Projects was founded in December, 2004, at the behest of Mr. Cohen’s daughters, following his death in November, 2004.  Mr. Cohen had been a resident of Albuquerque since 1997, following his retirement from the Copper Development Association in New York City, where he served as Manager of Standards and Safety Engineering.


Mr. Cohen, an avid reader, had accumulated a very large library over the years.  Among his last wishes was that his books remain in New Mexico, to be used for educational purposes.  His three daughters contacted NMFHRP, and we are acting in their behalf to see that the bulk of Mr. Cohen’s collection is distributed throughout the educational community in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico.


Books include collections of  Holocaust and WWII, Civil War, and Winston Churchill; and large sets of books in the areas of world and American history, science, and other subjects.


The distribution of the books takes two forms:


  • NMFHRP Holocaust Teaching Trunks, which contain books from the Arthur Cohen Library, as well as books and multimedia from NMFHRP’s own collection—these are loaned out for a specified period and returned to NMFHRP.  (Note:  Although not all trunks contain materials from the Arthur Cohen Library, it is the contribution of the books that inspired the creation of the trunks.  We make all of them available in his honor.)
  • Donations/Endowments of books for permanent use at specific schools.


NMFHRP is honored to be selected as the recipient and distributor of the Arthur Cohen Library.  We hope that your school enjoys and utilizes these books and that students enhance their education through association with this fine collection.