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New Mexico Foundation for Human Rights Projects
About Us

NMFHRP provides teacher trainings, student opportunities, speakers, and exhibits in the area of human rights.  Below are some other things you should know about our staff and organization.

Our Executive Director

Regina Turner is the founder and Executive Director of the New Mexico Foundation for Human Rights Projects.  Since 1987, she has worked tirelessly with and in behalf of students and educators to bring an attitude of respect for others into New Mexico schools ad to the public forum.


Our Staff

Our staff members are the many volunteers who assist with our projects,  The names may change from event to event, but their dedication to our goals and values is consistent.
Educational Consultant
Sue Rosenberg works on a regular basis with Regina Turner in the areas of communications, data base and Web site management, and mailings.  She is a former teacher and connected with NMFHRP as a docent at the Anne Frank in the World exhibit in 2000.


Our Location

Our office is located at:
610 Gold Street SW, Suite 218
Albuquerque, NM 87102
(505) 242-4737