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New Mexico Foundation for Human Rights Projects
"Choices" Exhibit: Harrison Middle School

April 11-April 15, 2005

Students place the first panels on the exhibit stands

Harrison, in the South Valley, was the first middle school to host the exhibit.  Under the leadership of teacher Jane Nedom, the students had a large, strong docent group.  Art teacher Andra McCorkle involved many students in creating beautiful art work to accompany the exhibit.
Councilor Eric Griego visited the exhibit, as did students from neighboring Adobe Acres Elementary School and charter school Horizon Academy. 

Students created art work on the "Choices" theme

Principal Obenshain and Councilor Griego tour the exhibit

Many Harrison groups visited the exhibit

Jane Nedom and her students put up backing for art work

Ms. Nedom shows related art work

Harrison docent explains panels to Adobe Elementary group

Regina points out pertinent facts to the principal and councilor

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