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New Mexico Foundation for Human Rights Projects
Calendar of Events

"Moving Towards Respect" Teacher Training Workshops
September 16-19, 2002

Teachers will work with the "Moving Towards Respect" curriculum modules, and will be provided with tools to deal with concepts of prejudice, anger, and hate to help their students make the connection to experiences in their own lives.  The workshops will also prepare them for the related exhibit in 2003.  Local, national, and international speakers in the areas of Holocaust, prejudice, and human rights will give presentations at the workshops.

Special Speaking Engagement:
Morris Dees, Southern Poverty Law Center / Teaching Tolerance
November 7, 2002


Morris Dees, famed civil rights lawyer, co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and promoter of tolerance through the well-regarded and nationally known Teaching Tolerance program, will speak on hate crimes, tolerance, and his experiences in fighting hate groups.  NMFHRP will sponsor both a public presentation and a special presentation just for students and teachers.

"Moving Towards Respect"--The Exhibit
April, 2003

Based on the themes of the "Moving Towards Respect" curriculum models, this new exhibit, coming to the United States from Europe, will allow not only observation by students, teachers, and the general public, but direct student and teacher participation.  This will be a unique experience for New Mexico educators and their classes.

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Upcoming Events

It's not too early to think about your plans for the 2002-2003 school year.  We expect these events to be well-received by educators.  If you are interested in teh workshops and/or the Morris Dees event, we suggest that you sign up early.  Please contact:
Regina Turner, Project Director, NMFHRP
(505) 242-4737