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New Mexico Foundation for Human Rights Projects

Welcome to NMFHRP!

The New Mexico Foundation for Human Rights Projects began its work in 1989, with major projects beginning in 1993. Exhibits, speakers, workshops, and other activities involving teachers, students, and the general public have been hallmarks of our organization.

The goal of NMFHRP is to provide teachers and students with the tools to combat the hate, prejudice, and racism prevalent in our society and around the world. Education is the key. Getting to know people of other cultures, ethnicities, races, and religions is the first step toward defeating ignorance.

We use the Holocaust as a springboard to the present and the future. The lessons of the Holocaust resonate in today's world--there are still people who are victims, perpetrators, collaborators, and bystanders.

This site will provide a means of keeping in touch with the foundation's work. Hopefully, viewers will find information that will be useful in the classroom or in life.


To Contact Us:

610 Gold St. SW, Suite 218
Albuquerque, NM 87102


Register Now for September Workshops!

Don't miss out on the "Moving Towards Respect" workshops.  We will have a team of local, national, and international speakers and facilitators. 

DATES:  Monday and Tuesday, September 16-17, OR

             Wednesday and Thursday, September 18-19.

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Updates for June:
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